Redang Island – What the almighty spaghetti monster created for himself

Hiza decided to join us for a roadtrip up to Redang by slumming it a bit and taking the bus, backpacker style. Way to go Hiza! For those of you who haven’t heard of Redang it’s an island on the north eastern side of Malaysia. It’s reknown for luxurious and expensive resorts, but as we had forced Hiza in on a budget she had found an excellent budget option in Wisana. The view from our chalet We took an overnight bus from Kuala Lumpur,... Read More

Big city life in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur had been one of the destinations that had been fixed for a while. Ever since Hiza visited Eli and me in Norway, and experienced a proper Norwegian summer, we wanted to come visit her in Kuala Lumpur. And she was right there at the airport waiting for us with her own car! Woho! Not a taxi, bus or anything that required reading a map, explaining or haggling for a price.. She was set and ready to drive us back at her place, awesome! It’s... Read More