Six Flags Magic Kingdom – Adrenaline junkies favourite playground!

We had decided that we had to visit atleast one amusement park during our stay in the US and since I had already been to the Universal Studios our choice fell on the Six Flags theme park outside Los Angeles. It was a decision that we definently didn’t regret! If you’ve seen the Discovery show called Extreme Engineering where they showcase the biggest, baddest, nerve racking rides known to man you will recognize all the rides the moment... Read More

Los Angeles – Sex, Drugs and Rock’n Roll!

Yeah, had to try out the sex headline to see if that attracted more of you to read my Los Angeles post 🙂 And you’re here so it must have worked! It was time for our 5 days in the States and we were ready for fast food, shopping and some serious glitz and glamour! Read More  Read More