Eating Ceviche and meeting Davids family

After our legendary busride between Puno and Cusco we were glad that we had booked a flight back to Lima. It was not just the comfort of liveable temperatures or reduced risk of burned bridges that was the primary factors in our decision making, but rather the fact that flying back would give us a bit more time in Lima with Hanne Beate and David. The trip back to Lima went like a breeze and we were once again met at the airport by Hanne Beate that... Read More

Machu Picchu – The lost city of the Incas

Machu Picchu, the mere mention of the name of this former hidden city in the clouds is enough to get any adventurers heart beating. It’s a city that was lost to the world for almost 400 years, after the Incas had left it in an attempt to save some of the Incan empire from the destruction of the spanish conquistadors. It was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, an explorer from the USA, after he had heard rumours of a hidden city up in the mountains.... Read More

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

One of the books that got me interested in more adventurous travelling had a section on Kilimanjaro that inspired me to climb it in January 2008. The book also had a section on the Inca Trail, and from then on it was a must do on our 6 month around the world trip. We booked our trip with Peru Treks far in advance to be sure that we would get a date that fitted with out travel plans. We chose Peru Treks because they are famous for treating their porters... Read More

Cusco and the preperations for the Inti Rayma

This blog post will be mostly without pictures as my memory card (which I suspect is fake) failed me for the fourth time. This time I didn’t manage to recover the pictures and I have to wait for a professional company back in Norway before I hopefully will be able to get them back. Cusco became one of my favourite cities on this trip, as it was magically relaxing and contained a colonial beauty that I haven’t found in other cities so... Read More

Puno to Cusco – Busride from Hell

Imagine the worst and most uncomfortable busride you can think of, then add a bus breakdown, a strike that blocked the roads and sub-zero temperature without a working heater. Welcome to the Puno to Cusco busride that we had the pleasure of enjoying due to the extensive strikes that were happening all over Peru at the time of our visit. I really feel for the strikers and I empathise with their cause, but there was just no need for the cold and the... Read More