Machu Picchu – The lost city of the Incas

Machu Picchu, the mere mention of the name of this former hidden city in the clouds is enough to get any adventurers heart beating. It’s a city that was lost to the world for almost 400 years, after the Incas had left it in an attempt to save some of the Incan empire from the destruction of the spanish conquistadors. It was discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham, an explorer from the USA, after he had heard rumours of a hidden city up in the mountains.... Read More

Eating Ceviche and meeting Davids family

After our legendary busride between Puno and Cusco we were glad that we had booked a flight back to Lima. It was not just the comfort of liveable temperatures or reduced risk of burned bridges that was the primary factors in our decision making, but rather the fact that flying back would give us a bit more time in Lima with Hanne Beate and David. The trip back to Lima went like a breeze and we were once again met at the airport by Hanne Beate that... Read More

Buenos Aires – 2/3 Europe mixed with 1/3 South America

One of the first things I noticed when we got to Buenos Aires was that it felt just like any big city in Europe. The influence of the settlers that started colonizing this land from the 15th century an onwards is felt in all aspects of the Porteno lifestyle. A Porteno is a native Buenos Aires citizen meaning something like “From the port”. The buildings reminded me of Madrid and Paris with wide avenues and exquisite architecture, largely... Read More

La Boca – Birthplace of the Tango

La Boca is one of the more famous tourist attractions that Buenos Aires has to offer. La Boca is a neighborhood, or barrio of the Argentine capital. The neighbourhood has its traditions deeply rooted in socialist traditions as this area was and still is populated mainly with factory workers. This is although not what has made La Boca famous. It’s tango, football and the colorful buildings that have captured the attention of tourists over the... Read More

5 things to do in Buenos Aires

You might have noticed that I have developed a special fondness for Buenos Aires. This is no understatement as this city seriously rocks! Take a look at my top five things to do while in Buenos Aires  Read More