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RSS Feed and email subscription up and running, and the crowd goes wild… So if you wake up after a hard night out craving junkfood and a subscription to, then go right ahead. If you want to recieve an email with our new posts whenever we post something, then click the Subscribe by Email link right under the header image. If you want to receive our RSS feed then simply click the Feed button to the left of the email link, its the... Read More

Welcome to our travel journal!

I know.. I know.. Everybody has a travel blog right about now. The whole concept of travelblogging has been hit so hard by a literary inflation, that finding good travel stories online can be compared to finding a girlfriend on the left hand side of a torrent site, not likely to happen! I’m not promising good travel stories or pictures, but I am promising a decent description of what we’re going to be up to in the 175 days that this journey is... Read More