Welcome to our travel journal!

I know.. I know.. Everybody has a travel blog right about now. The whole concept of travelblogging has been hit so hard by a literary inflation, that finding good travel stories online can be compared to finding a girlfriend on the left hand side of a torrent site, not likely to happen!
I’m not promising good travel stories or pictures, but I am promising a decent description of what we’re going to be up to in the 175 days that this journey is lasting, along with pictures of various degree of quality.

According to Wired magazine this post is the beginning of a bad idea. In their opinion the blog is so 2004, and I should now use Facebook and Twitter to dish out digressions and thoughts during the 175 days traveling four continents. But the whole concept of Facebook owning the rights of everything that I upload to them, and the fact that you can’t really squeeze a lot into the 140 characters that Twitter provides, makes the blog in my opinion, a superior way of keeping count of our adventure. In essence we’re just too lazy to email you all separately, and mass emails are just boring, so you will just have make do with this. Enjoy!

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