Mohawkish? A description never to be used again!

As we’ve been travelling for a bit over a month, I figured it was time to get a haircut. I usually get some friends or my girlfriend to do it, since I’m both cheap and getting a hairdresser to cut your hair with a machine is a bit of an overkill. A monkey can do that! As we are travelling the world now, I thought I would be a bit experimental and change my usual short all over haircurt to short on the sides and a bit longer on top. Radical right??

It turned out that the thai hairdresser wasn’t as fluent in english as I had hoped, and the only word she understood in my first four attempts of explaining to her what I wanted, was the word machine. So far we had agreed upon the use of the tool.. now for the actual shape! I tried a lot of different explanations, even miming the lengths with my hand untill the only word left in my vocabulary was mohawkish, not even a real word, but I just wanted to signify that I wanted it a bit longer on the top and short of the sides. She definently got the mohawk part of the word. Before I could try to flesh out my attempted explanation, she had already driven the haircuttingmachine in a wide arch from the front of my forehead to the back of my neck uttering the word “Mohawk” with a big smile on her face. This was really not my intention.. and since my hair was already as short as possible on most of the top of my head I figured what the hell.. Better to be a mohawk than a skinhead…

So here is a few pictures of my new look!

New haircut!

My new mohawk haircut

And one from the side as well...

And one from the side as well...

I couldn’t really figure out wether to laugh or cry after she was finished… but Eli and Veronica definently knew what to do, as they both burst into laughter as I returned to the hotel room. So mom.. leatherjacket and haircolor next!

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