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I finally had time to sit down and get video working here on since I know that you have all been gripping your seats in anticipation of some moving images. Right?? Nonetheless, whether you want it or not the geek inside of me can’t but help it. The videos are from the gibbon experience that my last post was about and the rest are from the weird phenomenon also referred to as tubing. Im gonna write more about it later but a quick explanation is simply a whole lot of westerners in the middle of Laos swimming down a river with a multitude of bars. This results in experimentation with local variants of the much loved Bucket and of course the odd acrobatic adventure of giant swings and slides. Enjoy!

The first video here is from me zipping along the wires on the gibbon experience. I think my expression really says it all..

Yet another video of the zip lining. It’s hard to explain what a rush it is to be that high over the canopy looking out over this fantastic view. The trees below are still another 40-50 metres abover the ground! As you cant tell I obviously didn’t have enough speed and therefore had to pull myself the last leg of the wire.

Veronica grinning and enjoying the zip lines.

In retrospect a funny moment when Veronicas roller malfunctioned and she was left hanging halfway between the launch pad and treehouse number 5.. It took a whole lot of pulling and some really sore muscles the day after to get herself all the way to the treehouse. Impressive!

Me swooshing through the air at one of the giant swings along the river. There were more than one and this was the second largest. The largest one was a bit up river and we did that one too although we don’t have any video of it.. Adrenaline rush!

Veronica on one of the giant swings.

Eli on the big swing, way to go!

There are more videos at my flickr page with the rest of the people that we did the tubing with. Meg and Megan from the gibbon experience as well as Gabby, Sarah Joe and Lindsay that we met on the slowboat from Huai Xai to Luang Prabang. Awesome gang and a whole lot of fun at the most unrealistic party place in the middle of the Laos jungle.

My flickr page!

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