Redang Island – What the almighty spaghetti monster created for himself

Hiza decided to join us for a roadtrip up to Redang by slumming it a bit and taking the bus, backpacker style. Way to go Hiza! For those of you who haven’t heard of Redang it’s an island on the north eastern side of Malaysia. It’s reknown for luxurious and expensive resorts, but as we had forced Hiza in on a budget she had found an excellent budget option in Wisana.

Redang Island

The view from our chalet

We took an overnight bus from Kuala Lumpur, but the bus driver was a regular formula-1 driver and got us there really early. This meant that we had to wait in the Terengganu bus station for several hours untill our ferry left. If we were not travelling on a budget I would have gone by plane, as the wait in Terengganu is long. As we arrived at the ferry stop it was pourin down, and the chances of a vacation in the sun seemed slim. By the time the ferry arrived the rain had stopped and the further out to sea we went the less clouds we saw, and the sun god was once again smiling down at us. It was tanning time!

Redang Island

Check out the color of the water!

The chalets at Wisana er definently budget styled as there issn’t even light in the bathroom untill 6pm. So if you want to shower or use the toilet before that time you have to bring a flashlight to see anything at all. The beds were alright and the room we had was made for six people. It was once you went outside the door of the chalet that the reason why you go here materializes in front of you. Only a couple of metres in front of the door there is one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. The turqoise crystal clear water crashes on to the pure white sandy beach, and as the palm trees were waving gently in the wind it was easy to drift away into a tranquil state of relaxation.

Eli on the beach at Wisana

Eli relaxing on the beach

Giant Ant

That is one big ant.. And Hiza's feet are tiny!

There were even hammocks there right on the beach, although a bit weird in construction, they were comfortable enough to support me while I enjoyed a book and fell into complete bliss. If the Almighty Spaghetti Monster created a heaven it would have looked something like this, maybe with some electricity in the bathroom but quite similar 🙂

Dancing in the rain

Veronica and Hiza out in the rain

Wisana on Redang Island

The girls lounging about on the beach

We stayed here for two nights and enjoyed a few days of just doing nothing. And when we didn’t do nothing we didn’t do much, talking, reading, taking pictures and eating. Definently not a hard life!

Moonlight at Redang Island

The moonlight at night was simply amazing

Redang is simply beautiful, go there!

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