Aussie Experience number 4 – The Great Barrier Reef

As Erlend and Solvår were leaving and Karl Kristian was getting low on cash it was only Veronica, Eli and me that booked the divingtrip from Port Douglas to the Great Barrier Reef. The trips are EXPENSIVE, but they were also very good and we got to dive one of the most famous dive sites in the world, the Great Barrier Reef! We booked through an agency in Cairns and ended up paying 230 AUD for the entire trip. This included diving, equipment and food for the day. Our company was Haba, a Australian owned family driven company that was an excellent choice.


The diving at the Great Barrier Reef was amazing both from the surface and from underneath the water. From the top of the boat you could see nothing but ocean on all sides and the ocean changed colour depending on the depth of the coral reef beneath it. It was a spectacular sight! At some places the coral reef actually surfaced on low tide and I can just imagine how hard it was to maneuver a boat our size through this delicate eco-system.

Haba Boat trip Great Barrier Reef-002

Haba Boat trip to the Great Barrier Reef

Haba Boat trip to the Great Barrier Reef

The dives themselves were wonderful as the marine life was abundant and there was big scholes of fish. We got to see a white tipped reef shark among other things, but the general impression of the reef was a vast organic mass of life that definently needs to be protected. The marine biologist on board showed us the various fish we had encountered and gave a small speech on how the reef was deteriorating at an alarming rate due to the increase in sea temperature.






The Great Barrier Reef ranks among my favourite dive sites like the Similans in Thailand and I definently want to go back there to dive. The only negative thing is the price that partly is due to the amount of gas used to get you that far out to sea. Summed up, Haba was great and the Great Barrier Reef was just awesome!

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