Aussie Experience nr. 7 โ€“ Sydney

Alright… this is going to be my last post about Australia! And it’s going to be quick as I’m falling far behind on my blogging and will end up sitting back in Norway writing up the last travel experiences instead of doing it where I’m supposed to do it, on the road. We only spent a few days in Sydney, but it’s really a beautiful city and it deserved some attention here ๐Ÿ™‚

Sydney is one of the bigger cities in the world that I would actually consider living in as it just feels right! Hard to explain it, but the fact that the city has one of the most beautiful harbours in the world and that the park system is amazing probably helps.We arrived early in the morning and started looking out for hostels. It turns out that the area around Kings Cross station is swarming with them as it had the largest density of hostels Iยจve seen so far! Our hostel was fairly decent, although a bit on the expensie side as we still hadn’t gotten used to the price level of accomodation here since our stay so far had been at the Keelys. As the sleep you get on a nightbus issn’t A quality the girls ended up sleeping in after we settled in at the hostel.This gave me some time to update and upload some more pictures from the stay in Australia so far. We shared our room with a swedish guy that was really nice and realized that so far except for Santosh the sexist captain we’ve been very lucky with who we have met so far, barely any weirdos!!

Sydney Aquarium-035

Since it quickly got dark we ended up with a evening walk into Sydney central to check the town out. We actually walked quite a bit and I gotta say, sightseeing in the dark is not like sightseeing in the daylight.. You just don’t get the town as you would after a walk in daylight, so we quickly decided to go out and check it out again the day after. As we knew that Meg and Megan, two canadian girls we met up wth in Laos, were going to come to Sydney the next day Veronica managed to organize that they came to our hostel! It was reunion time! Since they were arriving around mid day we decided to take a look at the harbour scene and also pay a visit to the Sydney aqaurium. I’ve been there once before but couldn’t remember that much of it.. I have to say though, it’s the most impressive aquarium I’ve ever been to!

Sydney Aquarium-014

The aquarium itself is huge, displaying countless species in different sized pools. We were lucky enough to catch a special exhibition they had put on right then where they showcased a pair of Dugong, also known as the original mermaid of the ocean. The Dugongs are huge and impressing mammals that caught my interest immediately. As their exhibition pool was a huge one, with two walk through tunnels that gave you a perfect view of what they and the other inhabitants of the pool were doing we ended up spending quite a lot of time with them.

The other really awesome pool was of course the shark pool. Of similar build as the Dugong pool it had a large amount of different types and sizes of sharks. It was magnificent to see the great sharks up close while they slowly swam over your head. They look just as terrifying as on tv, although I’m sure they would be even worse if you were out there in the water with them ๐Ÿ™‚ Although I’ve suffered from a chronical fear of sharks ever since I saw a terrifying episode of Baywatch back in the 90’s I’m slowly realizing that the sharks aren’t that much to be scared about and that they actually need protection. Yeah I know.. here the newborn environmentalist in me kick in yet again.. but after diving with sharks three times now I simply love them, and the fact that they are becoming extinct would rid the world of one of it’s most beautiful predators.

Sydney Aquarium-054

As we got back from the harbour and the aquarium Meg and Megan had already arrived! Reunion time quickly turned into party time as Australia has some very cheap wine! 4,4 litres for 8 USD is pretty good ๐Ÿ™‚ So we sat down in the common area of the hostel and shared travel stories from the last months, it was awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ To cut a long story short we ended up going out to eat before we went back for more wine, and eventually ended up at a nightclub where we danced the night away.


The sightseeing we planned for the next day was postoned a few hours as we waited for the hangover to pass. We still managed to get up with plenty of sunlight left and went of looking for the two sightseeing stops that we knew that we had to make, Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge! The area around the Sydney Opera House is really beautiful, with parks and the harbour perfectly in harmony, creating one of the most inviting outdoor reacreational areas that I know of. I would definently recommend walking through this park to get to the Opera House as you get to see it from different angles, and again that the walk is peaceful and beautiful. The Harbour Bridge is located not too long from the Opera House, so if you’re standing on the edge of the peninsula going out in Farm Cove you can see both for probably one of the most beautiful sunrises or sunsets imaginable. Since I was either out or didn’t know of this spot early enough I missed taking a picture from there, but I will definently get my second chance next time I visit Sydney.



Since we were on a tight schedual we didn’t even have time to visit Bondi Beach, or take the ferry to Manly. Sydney is definently a city that needs more time to soak in and as there is plenty to do it’s a must visit on anyones Australian itinerary. Our highlight although was to meet up with our Canadian friends!

It’s now byebye Australia and hello Fiji! See you soon!

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