Fiji – the perfect place for total relaxation!

We were supposed to have seven days on Fiji, but ended up with only six after spending an extra day in Sydney due to tecnical problems with the Pacific Air’s airplane. We didn’t mind it that much since we got to stay at a nice hotel and got both a dinner and breakfast voucher. Free stuff is always good for a backpacker! When we finally arrived in Nadi, the Fijian airport, we didn’t know what to expect.

Modriki Island

We tried getting a taxi to take us to the resort we were staying at, but since it was quite expensive we endend up taking the local bus. The bus actually took us to the door of our resort, even though the taxidriver said that it wouldn’t!Christian had found this really good resort online at Viti Levu, the main island of Fiji, that we got really cheap. So when we got there we where plesantly suprised and enjoyed finally having our own bathroom!

A bit better than what we're used to..

Rydges Hideaway Resort Fiji-027

We did the mistake of not knowing how much the local currency was compared to the Norwegian krone, so we thought we where to multiply it by seven, which turned ut to be completely wrong. Therefore we ended up not having lunch on our second day, since we were under the impression that it was very expensive. When we checked online later that same day we couldn’t belive our eyes! It turned out that we only had to multiply the Fijian dollar by three, which made everything much more affordable. We didn’t actually do much but relax the first days. Take me for example, I got up and had breakfast at the huge buffet and then went to have a after breakfast nap! Christian had so much to eat the first morning that he was full the rest of that day, but he made the effort of working out at the gym later! We were not to lucky with the weather on Fiji, it rained three out of the six days we were there, but we still had an awsome time just relaxing. Christian was happy to spend some time in front of his laptop with the wifi at the pool.

On our forth day we had booked a daytrip on a sailboat around some islands and therefore had to get up at 6 am to catch the bus wich took us to a catamaran that took us to the actual sailboat.

Relaxing on the Seaspray

Fiji Island daytrip on the Seaspray

The weather that day was really nice and we got welcomed onboard with champagne and a muffin while the crew played gitars and sung! The fist stop was the beautiful tropical island Monuriki, which is a member of the Mamanuca Islands. This is the island where the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks was shot, and I must say, it looks just like in the movie! We did some snorkelling there and had a proper photoshot on the beach before we got back on the sailboat for a onboard BBQ! When we were done eating we stepped ashore another island to join in on a local Kava ceremony.

Kava Ceremony

Kava is extracted from the roots of the Kava plant and is used to make a drink which is supposed to make you relax. Both Veronica and Christian had some, and told me that it tasted kind of like mudwather, so I decided to skip it! On the same island they also had a minimarked where they sold local handicraft. Christian and Veronica ended up buying masks to add to their groving mask collection. The day went on way too quickly and we just wanted to stay on the sailboat or perhapse on Monuriki looking for Wilson 🙂

Eli and me on Modriki Island


Modriki Island

The evening was spent looking at a surprisingly good song and dance show at the hotel. There was shows and a whole bunch of activities every day making the hotel a tropical version of the holiday resort in Dirty Dancing… We had an awesome time in Fiji and even though the weather was not top notch all the time we still managed to get that tropical island hideaway feeling. Bula Fiji!


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