Six Flags Magic Kingdom – Adrenaline junkies favourite playground!

We had decided that we had to visit atleast one amusement park during our stay in the US and since I had already been to the Universal Studios our choice fell on the Six Flags theme park outside Los Angeles. It was a decision that we definently didn’t regret! If you’ve seen the Discovery show called Extreme Engineering where they showcase the biggest, baddest, nerve racking rides known to man you will recognize all the rides the moment you drive into the parking lot outside the park. They are huge!!
Every amusement park I have been to so far can just shut down and give up right away, on the throne of adrenaline infused steel contraptions there is one park that reigns supreme… Six Flags baby!

Six Flags Magic Mountain-042

Six Flags is a chain of amusement parks located all around USA and ours was located about an hours drive from LA. One of the reasons that we rented a car in the first place was that we wanted to go to this park. The public transport to this place is non existing as the only information I could find about it online required some serious planning and switching between trains, busses and finally a taxi to take you to the door.

Six Flags Magic Mountain-056

We started of with the parks first looping roller coaster as I couldn’t get into the beasts before I had a few testruns on the normal rollercoasters. The rollercoasters in Six Flags are split into three groups with the oldest and slowest at level 1 and the inverted beasts of speed at level 3. As I got into the first rollercoaster and felt the familiar clicking of mechanical wheels as we started rising upwards I knew there was no way back, the race to complete all the rollercoasters was on!

Here’s a quick description and evaluation of the different rollercoasters that we took at Six Flags. We completed our goal of doing all the rollercoasters with the exception of the X2 that was broken at the time.

Tatsu: The favourite and all time winner of the adrenaline challenge was without a doubt this monster. It’s the first rollercoaster I’ve ridden that elevates your seat so that you are literally in flying positions. There is nothing like the feeling of tightening straps as your chair lifts itself up in a 90 degree angle leaving you looking directly down at the floor while being adressed as Flyers by the robotized welcoming speech. By the time that we reached the top of the 34 metre rollercoaster, providing you with a birdseye view of the people waiting in line, I had never been more ready. The feeling of flying and the intense pressure of the most radical inverted loop I have ever experience left us jawdropped. Tatsu rules!

Six Flags Magic Mountain-004

Flying upside down in the Tatsu

Six Flags Magic Mountain-035

The tagline for the ride was fitting: "Tatsu, Flying at the speed of fear!"

Goliath: As Goliath has one of the tallest drop of any rollercoaster in the world it had to be tested out. The drop is staggering as it’s visible from the entire park while the screams from the dropping crowd of people can be heard constantly. It’s my second favourite ride in the park as the gunch wrenching feel you get from a drop like that is awesome. Thumbs up for Goliath!

Six Flags Magic Mountain-006

Veronica and Eli in front of the entrance to the Goliath

Six Flags Magic Mountain-010

The first drop on the Goliath was awesome!

Viper: It was the last rollercoaster we had time to do and along with Batman The Ride also the more uncomfortable. Not because it’s too scary but it just shakes you around in so many loops that you can barely stand on your feet afterwards. It has the largest vertical loop in the world! Since it was our last ride I might have been rattled to the core so that any rollercoaster would have been uncomfortable by now 🙂

Six Flags Magic Mountain-049

Dejavu: The winner of the most dizzying award. Dejavu is actually my least favourite rollercoaster in Sixflags. It’s too hard and although it has it’s moment then good adrenaline rush wasn’t there. It’s called Dejavu as it completes the exact same circuit twice, once in both directions. You start off with a 90 degree 20 story drop which is definently pretty cool!

Batman The Ride: This is one of those rollercoasters where you’re feet are left dangling and it’s a damn bumpy ride too! Being one of the shaky rides this is my favourite among them. If you get sick from rollercoasters then stay away from this one as it takes you in every single direction.

Six Flags Magic Mountain-011

Eli and me in front of Batman the Ride

Scream: All the way on the eastern side of the park is this a bit secluded rollercoaster that won the third best prize award! It’s just good! It’s just a regular rollercoaster with the right feel, worth it! Like the Batman The Ride it’s also a rollercoaster with a floorless design so that you get a bit more of an airy feel 🙂

The Riddlers Revenge: It took ages to wait in line for this one! It’s the only rollercoaster in the world that I know of where you actually stand! So we had to try this one out! It was worth the wait as the ride is a long one and the feeling of standing is definently a different experience.

Six Flags Magic Mountain-033

The worlds largest standing up rollercoaster, weird huh!

Superman the escape: One of my favourites as well. Not really a rollercoaster as it’s pretty much just a launchpad that shoots you out at insane speed before it takes you up in the air and then down again. The sound of the afterburners on this thing was heard throughout the day in the park and it was definently a thrilling experience. Kudos for making the line into Supermans ice castle, loved it!

Six Flags Magic Mountain-009

Superman the Escape, definently high speed acceleration!

Revolution: The first rollercoaster that we took in the park. Also the first rollercoaster in the world to have a loop! It was an easygoing experience and as the rollercoaster is located right by the entrance to the park it’s a good start to an adrenaline filled day.

Colossus: A huge wooden rolllercoaster! Riding a wooden rollercoaster is definently a different experience and with one the size of this one it was more than thrilling enough. I personably like the steel rollercoasters better as they provide smoother and faster speeds, but don’t shy away from this classic giant!

Six Flags was awesome and the trip here is definently a highlight to any LA trip. Recommended!!

Six Flags Magic Mountain-026

Just about to get all the people on the bridge wet

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