Tamarindo – the first taste of Costa Rican surf!

One of the activities along with diving that I wanted to do as much as possible on this trip was surfing and Costa Rica is heaven on earth for any level surfer! Gil and Felix had never surfed before which put them pretty much on the same skill level as the rest of us..


Tamarindo is a booming tourist town with several high end resorts as well as backpacker style places. We found ourself a decent place to stay where we got a big room for five people for 50 USD per night. The town of Tamarindo itself is nothing much to brag about as it feels a bit dirty and overdeveloped. We were really hoping for some good waves as Tamarindo has an excellent reputation for beginner surfing. The very next day we got ourself a teacher and some boards for 2 hours of lessons. I was a bit dissapointed when the waves at the main beach in Tamarindo were puny. We did have some giant foam boards that couldn’t be sunk by anything less than a battleship, but the waves just werent big enough to give me the speed that I wanted. We were also a bit unlucky with the surfteacher as he spoke crappy english and he had a hard time explaining what he meant. Felix and Gil got a bit more experience from it as it was their first time on a surfboard.


When we got back to the hotel that night, tired from paddling all day, we were actually about to go to bed when Gil and Felix heard a band playing at the next door hotel. This was to be the best thing Tamarindo had to offer as the cover band was amazing!! I’ve never heard a coverband that good! It was open mic night so they let whoever that wanted a few minutes of fame take a shot, but none of them came close to the bands own vocalist as they hammered out song after song. It was awesome! So the night turned into tequila and beer and before we knew it closing time was upon us.

Veronicas Hairsalon-002

Gil getting a haircut from Veronica 🙂

Tamarindo was in my eyes a bit dissapointing as the waves werent very big and the town itself wasn’t much to write home about, but the stop was more than worth it as we got some decent music and got some shopping done at some of the many surfshops lining the main street.

Tamarindo was old news as we looked at our next prime destination, the hippy town of Montezuma!

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