Getting it on with the hippies in Montezuma

Montezuma is located on the southern part of the Peninsula de Nicoya in Costa Rica. We had heard a lot of good stuff about this place, and since it was on the way to the surfers paradise of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa it was a certain stop on our roadtrip. The drive from Tamarindo to Montezuma is long, but doable. The roads are for the most part good, except for the last stretch to Montezuma which consists of the general outside the highway Costa Rican quality. We got to Montezuma after dark and fanned out to find some good accomodations. It turns out that Montezuma is way more expensive than Tamarindo, and we had to dish out some extra cash to get a room that was half the quality of what we got a day before. Gil and Felix managed to locate what turned out to be a beautiful resort almost completely surrounded by jungle. Usually this sounds way out of our budget, but after some haggling they had managed to get the price down to 20 USD per night including some decent breakfast options. This place was awesome and I will share some pictures later in the post of the animal life and sheer beauty of it. Montezuma is famous for beautiful beaches, ageing hippies and 3 magnificent waterfalls. We were about to get some close contact with all three of them!


We already got infused with the easy going vibe that is Montezuma when shopping around for a place to stay. It seems like the entire town is content on doing their own thing, and the touts are simply to relaxed to bother you with buying anything. It was definently my kind of place! As we had just finished a reeeeally long drive to get to Montezuma we went with the vibe and just went to bed. The next morning the sun was shining from a clear blue sky and it was time to check out the beaches. The Luz de Mono is located a 2 minute walk from the beach and the swimming pool on the property has a decent view overlooking the ocean. The entire hotel complex is pretty big, but doesn’t contain more than a few dozen rooms. There were only a few more rooms booked when we were there and this combined with the entire resort being overgrown with jungle vegetation (in a good way) added to the feeling of remoteness and luxury. There were hammocks strung up right outside the door where you could lie and watch the monkeys playing in every tree around. After Tamarindo this was just amazing.. THIS is what Costa Rica is supposed to be like!


Monkeys climbing in the trees outside our hotel



Two monkeys relaxing in a tree


During breakfast these blue birds came down to eat every day

We were told that the beaches were supposed to become more and more beautiful the longer north-east you walked along the beach. We didn’t bother much with this since we were too laidback to worry about looking for a better place, and the grass was more than green enough on our side of the beach. The waves were decently big and allowed for some serious wave playing while we got to know a bunch of americans that were hanging out at the same beach. Life was good!
Now..we are a usually pretty energized bunch and a few hours lying on the beach was more than enough to satisfy the need for some R&R. It was time to explore the waterfalls!! I’m gonna write a small description along with a few videos and pictures in the next posts as there’s simply too much material to put it together with this post.
I can although say that the waterfalls were amazing and that you have to jump the second one, it was awesome!!



Gil trying to body surf back to the beach


The beach in Montezuma were fantastic

We figured that we would be treated to the same kind of food that we had been offered so far on the trip as we set out to find the dining hole of the evening. The regular food in Costa Rica is either the Casado, which is a combination of one type of meat together with rice and beans, or the regular tourist dishers. I cannot imagine how sick the people of Costa Rica are of beans as I honestly couldn’t stand it for one moment longer than I had to.. The other type of meal is the regular tourist trap food which includes fast food from either Italy or the States. Hamburgers or pizza is what you usually get.. Tonight on the other hand we were definently in for a treat!

The restaurant is called Tayrona (or something similar to this.. don’t remember the spelling exactly), and they had some of the most delicious italian food I have had outside Italy. Their home made pasta was delicious, along with great Foccacia and melt on your tongue chocolate cake. The restaurant looks tiny from the outside, but they have a charming spot out the back where you can seat more people. If you’re in Montezuma you just can’t miss it 🙂

The only other place we ate at was at Chico’s, which is a regular run of the mill Costa Rican dining place, but it also double as the only bar in Montezuma and it was usually packed full when we were here. Tried out about 8 of their shots and although not the most tastiest I’ve had they were definently not the worst! As a digression the worst thing I’ve ever been served in a bar was in Zanzibar where my Mojito was served with spinach instead of mint.. not THAT’S a dissapointing drink! 🙂

Felix, Veronica, Eli and me spent the first part of the night on the beach watching an amazing display of lightening while Gil was busy playing the bongo drums with some local people. We met a Dane that had moved there after knocking up his Costa Rican girlfriend, and was intrigued by the fact that he was actually making decent money on selling handmade jewelry. I always though that the people selling jewelry on the street were doing it out of a lack of better place to sell it. If I hadn’t failed my IGCSE Art class I might have been tempted to take it up myself 🙂 The guy turned out to be a proper new age hippie as we saw him later the same night on his way to mix up some shrooms with cocaine, probably not the smartest thing to do as his baby was due any time..

There’s not much to tell about the next day as we were hung over took it easy untill we had to start packing the car. Five people and five big backpacks are a tight fit for a Rav 4, but it’s possible!

My dream was about to come true as we were heading for Mal Pais and Santa Teresa, a long stretch on the southern Nicoya peninsula were surf is king and the waves never stop crashing against the sandy beaches. Surftime was long overdue and it was about time to do something about it!

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