What to do while waiting for the trek to begin in Puerto Jimenez??

As we arrived in Puerto Jimenez quite late in the evening we were too late to book a trip to the park as the national park agency has strict hours of booking. This meant that we had an extra day to spend in Puerto Jimenez. Puerto Jimenez.. it’s pretty much just a hub for traffic to the national park and so far is not offering much on it’s own. We refused to spend a day lounging about in our mediocre hotel and managed to book ourself a kayaking trip to the mangrove forrest! It did cost us a leg and a half, but it was definently worth it as our guide took us deep into the mangrove, showed us our very own private beach and helped us to spot dolphins in the bay! So if you have a day to kill in Puerto Jimenez try to check out the kayaking tours, check out the pictures and videos below!


Getting ready for the trip!

In the mangrove

Looks like Gil has the style here, he really didn't.. 🙂

Waiting for dolphins

Waiting for the dolphins to appear



Our guide for the day


He was pretty badass as he managed to catch a fish with just his hands!


Gil on our secret beach

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