Chilling it out in Dominical

By now we had traversed most of the western part of Costa Rica in a hurricane pace. Instead of spending the night in Puerto Jimenez after the Corcovado trek we decided to drive up to Dominical so that we would have the pleasure of waking up on the beach instead of a former mining town. It was an excellent idea except for the fact that I managed to read the map wrong and it took us an additional two hours to get there… After a whole day of trekking and the entire evening and night in the car it was more than welcoming with a proper shower and a good nights sleep!


Dominical is another surftown on the pacific coast of Costa Rica and the waves here were a bit too brutal for beginners like us. It’s not far away from Hermosa that’s known for it’s monster waves, something that I was definently not ready for! The beaches are beautiful and it’s a brilliant place to hang out and relax. Happy hour on the beach with cheap beer and plenty of restaurants to choose from. Have a snack at the San Clemente Mexican Bar&Grill where all the broken surfboards from the last decades hang on display in the ceiling. There were even people that came up and gave away their newly broken board, signed it and got it hanged up along with the rest of the hall of fame. Told you there was a reason why I didn’t try the waves out, I would most likely have been eaten alive..


Broken surfboards tell the tale of Dominical surfing at San Clemente


Now that's a good parking spot!


Dominical Beach

It was our last couple of days and our epic Costa Rican roadtrip was coming to an end. As Eli and me were not expecting some sun for a while as we were heading to the colder south america it was time to bring out the tanning oil! Didn’t work wonder though and after the next month in SA I’m expecting to come home white as my friend Erlend after a long long winter 🙂


Gil and me playing with a ball, not even close to catching it..



Gil and me enjoying a drink on the beach

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