Bye bye Incas, hello big red steaks!

Im not going to lie to you, Argentinas legendary beef has occupied my dreams for a long time now. The thought of the most tender meat on this side of the Milky Way after months of rice and beans was enough to keep me up at night. It was time to endulge ourself in a meat feast that I’ve not seen the likes of! Welcome to Buenos Aires baby!

Buenos Aires-006

One of the many steaks we were to enjoy at Desnivel

After almost 5 months of hard travelling it was time to stay put in one area and just be for a while. You might not think so, but travelling can actually be pretty hard work! Constantly moving from place to place takes a toll on you, and Eli and me had been looking forward to some time in one place. We ended up choosing the Garden House after finding it on It came highly rated and had prices that were reasonable compared to the general cost level in Buenos Aires. It turned out to be one of the best decisions on the trip, as we really enjoyed our time at the Garden house. I cannot praise the staff enough as they really made the effort to make us feel right at home. The Garden House is not the newest and modern hostel around, but it has a good location and the best home feel we experienced on the entire trip. Not to mention that they had lightening fast internet that nobody used…ahh, geek heaven!

Buenos Aires-062

Tango was intriguing, and after watching it live I finally understood what all the fuzz was about..

Buenos Aires was a city that we were going to enjoy in small portions as we were tired of speed sightseeing and would rather do one thing per day than rush through the cities in the way that we have been used to. The biggest luxury we had in Buenos Aires was actually time, as we even allowed ourself a few days where we woke up without having any plans and ending up not doing anything. It was amazing.. We had a total of 10 days in the city and I fell completely in love with the Argentinian capitol. I can just imagine how beautiful the city is during spring or autumn, as the only negative thing about the city was that the weather was dreary and the temperature cold, nothing that some hot Tango sessions and red wine couldn’t cure!

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