5 things to do while in Buenos Aires

You might have noticed that I have developed a special fondness for Buenos Aires. This is no understatement as this city seriously rocks! Take a look at my top five things to do while in Buenos Aires below:

1.Visiting La Recoleta Cemetary

La Recoleta cemetary is the famous cemetary in the exclusive area of Recoleta. It is a ghostly place with the graveyards being extremely ornamental and decorative compared to graveyards in Norway. Each grave is more like a crypt with staircases leading down to the burial sites underneath the ground. The main reason why so many tourist flock here is to have a look at Eva Perons grave although I think that one was very overrated. I do think that you should go here just to walk along the countless rows of creepy graves, it’s a great spot for any photographer!

Buenos Aires-112

One of the many beautiful ornaments at the Ricoletta graveyard

Buenos Aires-093

2. Eating at a Parilla.

Eating a steak in Buenos Aires is as important as pasta in Italy or wine in France, it’s simply something that you have to try. Check out my previous post Eating out in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires-013

An almost finished steak at one of the many parillas in BA

3. Visiting Plaza de Mayo and the harbour area
Plaza de Mayo is the main square in Buenos Aires and it is both beautiful and famous. The plaza was the scene of the creation of independence in 1810 for Argentina and has from then on been the focal point of political movements in Buenos Aires. It’s the centre of the most influential government buildings in BA, not that you would care if the buildings were ugly..but luckily they’re not! It’s Buenos Aires in a box as it contains the 1920’s architecture, political spirit and European extravaganza all wrapped into one. Last but not least it’s only a block away from some of the best cafes in BA, perfect for a break after a walk around the area.

Buenos Aires-135

Plaza de Mayo with Casa Rosada in the background

After you finish up with Plaza de Mayo head on down to the newly refurbished harbour area. Untill not long ago this whole area was filled with obsolete shipping buildings and run down firms. The whole area has now received a make over and it is a nice although expensive place for a drink before dinner. If you’re into photography I would recommend going there at sunset to get some beautiful pictures of the architecture. Check out the bridge underneat!

Buenos Aires-252

The newly refurbished harbourside with one of the most beautiful bridges I've seen

4. Watching a Tango performance
Tango was invented in the steaming nightclubs of the worker area in Boca. It has become the trademark of Argentina and it is easy to understand why! The dance is deeply sensual and intimate to a degree I didn’t think was possible in a dance. We had two courses during our stay in BA, but our meager attempts at practising this enticing dance doesn’t come even close to watching the pro’s do it. If you want to watch some professional Tango then you have two options, you can either watch a Tango show or try to find a smaller venue where they either show it at a restaurant or a cafe/pub. We did both and although I think both were fantastic the latter one is a lot cheaper and gets you closer to the actual dance.
We saw a tango performance at a parilla in St. Telmo and if you’re there in the high season then believe me.. it won’t be hard to find a restaurant that has a performance going. We shopped around for a while and found a small cozy restaurant right on the Plaza Dorrego that had a show on that exact night. Since we spent our time in BA during the low season we were the only ones in the restaurant except a few other tourists from Brasil. It could also have something to do with us also not being used to eating so late at night!
The tang show that we saw was called Sabor a Tango. There was barely any people watching it, but the show was very good and more than made up for the lack of people. The food was so so, but the price included as much red wine as you could drink, so it wasn’t so bad after all! The tango hall in itself is magnificent and I could imagine watching the show here when the venue is full. Included in the ticket price you also get a decent introductionary tango course which made the whole event a lot more interesting. The lessons are taught by the dancers in the show and it’s a good way of connecting with the audience. Check it out at Sabor a Tango.

Buenos Aires-160

5. Taking a trip to the Zoo
The Buenos Aires Zoo became one of my favourite zoo’s after half a day there. It wasn’t particularly large, spectacular or modern. It was just that it really fit with the rest of BA! The zoo was built in the beginning of the century and it’s stunning. The wrought iron work and well though gardens shine through what might be described as a tad light maintenance. They even had a white tiger! The animals seemed to be well looked after and some of the species that they had there, like the giant turtle, I haven’t seen anywhere else. If you’re staying a while in Buenos Aires you just can’t miss this gem, it’s centrally located and easily reached with the metro. Enjoy!

Buenos Aires-296

A sibiran tiger at the Buenos Aires Zoo

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