Travelling in Style – Bus travel the way it should be

There is no denying it, Argentina rocks when it comes to bus transport. There is nobody even close to touching their spot on the throne of bus transportation. Why do you ask yourself? What do they have that the regular Norwegian bus company doesn’t? A whole damn lot if you ask me! Read on to see what your local bus company should be offering you on your next trip back home to ma and pa.

Since this was one of our last legs of the trip and we had heard good thing about the bus system in Argentina we decided to dish out a bit more cash for our Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls busride. And sweet jeeeesus it was worth it! First of all the busses have a lot less passengers. There is only three seats in each row, two side by side and one single seat. This gives you more than enough room, believe me. Secondly the whole concept of getting served food on a bus is simply brilliant! We got two meals plus plenty of drinks including whiskey and coke if we wanted to. And when it comes to sleep quality there is nothing I have travelled in that comes even close. I slept like a baby and could for the first time in my life wake up without the sensation of complete numbness in large parts of my body. It was the ultimate way to travel and if you’re in the area do indulge yourself, cause after the hellish bus incident in Peru and numerous chicken busses around the globe I almost felt like I deserved it. Wait, I deserved it, period.

180 degrees reclining bus seat

Eli sleeping in the glorious seats

I almost forgot to mention the in-drive entertainment… It was in english! No more vietnamese stand up shows obliterating you eardrums… Nice big cushiony headsets and a wide assortment of movies. Somebody finally understood that torture is not the way to get customers to come back.

Buenos Aires-353

Infotainment system right before heading out from Buenos Aires to Iguazu Falls

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