Packing for a trip like this takes a bit more consideration than your average 2-week holiday. First of all we are going to be travelling through several different weatherzones including tropical, high altitude and colder areas of the world. As I am a tech geek I had to bring gadgets along.. and probably a bit too many of them.. but it’s all good!
To make this easier for myself I have uploaded an image to Flickr with notes attached to it so that you can just hoover your mouse over it to see the different stuff I brought. This is pretty much just travelgadgets that I brought but I will add a more detailed description of everything that is included in my backpack a little later when I can remove all the things that are just redundant.

All the gadgets that I brought!

I stole this idea from Dave at, it’s not as good but had a bit of a hurry at the end of the packing back home 🙂

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