Travel route 175 days around the world

Our travel route is halfway planned but still leaves a lot of room for improvisation. We ended up booking an around the world ticket from Kilroy so that the main flights were taken care of in advance. Our main travel route is shown in the picture below:

Departure date: Sunday 25th January
End Date: Friday 17th July
Countries planned to visit: 15

Travel Route Detailed
25.01.2009: Oslo – London
25.01.2009: London – Mumbai

First leg on the trip is taking place in India. Not really sure what we are planning to see but Taj Mahal and Kerala is definently on the to do list.

18.02.2009: New Dehli – Bangkok

Here we start out South East Asia adventure were we are spending about two months exploring countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Hoping to get some surf time on the coast of Indonesia as well. Our SEA adventure ends in Singapore, byebye Asia, G’Day Aussieland!

15.04.2009: Singapore – Brisbane

The plan is to surf, dive and explore the north east part of Australia. After two weeks of Queensland we are heading south to New South Wales to meet the Keelys in Melbourne and see the Opera house in Sydney before waving goodbye to the land down under.

07.05.2009: Sydney – Nadi (Fiji)

One week of beach bliss awaits us… Say hello to skirts made of palm leaves!

14.05.2009: Nadi (Fiji) – LA

Hollywood walk of fame, Seven Flag Mountain Park, Santa Monica Beach, David Hasselhoff. You’ve all seen Baywatch, that’s right, LA baby! We only got four days in LA but it’s probably enough to do the main sights.

19.05.2008: LA – San Jose (Costa Rica)

We have about three weeks in central America and will probably find a decent beach to surf in Costa Rica and Panama.

09.06.2009: San Jose (Costa Rica) – Lima (Peru)

Here our peruvian adventure starts! Eli’s sister lives in Peru and we meeting up with her and her boyfriend David in Lima before we head on to the among other things, Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaka and Cusco.

23.06.2009: Lima (Peru) – Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Only plan so far is to spend some time in Buenos Aires before we head up to Iguazu Falls and then on to Rio de Janeiro or Florianapolis. Last leg of the trip! We then return from Rio to Oslo…

16.07.2009: Rio de Janeiro – London
17.07.2009: London – Oslo

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