Aussie Experience nr. 7 – Sydney

Alright… this is going to be my last post about Australia! And it’s going to be quick as I’m falling far behind on my blogging and will end up sitting back in Norway writing up the last travel experiences instead of doing it where I’m supposed to do it, on the road. We only spent a few days in Sydney, but it’s really a beautiful city and it deserved some attention here 🙂 Sydney is one of the bigger cities in the world... Read More

Aussie Experience number 5 – Melbourne and Lorne

When we came back from the dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef Erlend and Solvår had already left for Sydney where they were spending their last days in Australia. Karl Kristian, Eli, Veronica and me were heading to Melbourne where the Keely family was awaiting us. It was time for some home cooked food and genuine Australian hospitality! Group picture of us at the pier in Lorne Read More  Read More

Aussie Experience number 4 – The Great Barrier Reef

As Erlend and Solvår were leaving and Karl Kristian was getting low on cash it was only Veronica, Eli and me that booked the divingtrip from Port Douglas to the Great Barrier Reef. The trips are EXPENSIVE, but they were also very good and we got to dive one of the most famous dive sites in the world, the Great Barrier Reef! We booked through an agency in Cairns and ended up paying 230 AUD for the entire trip. This included diving, equipment and food... Read More

Aussie Experience nr.3 – Australian wildlife at the Billabong Sanctuary

When someone mentiones Australia, the pictures of Kangaroos and Koalas immediately pop up in your head. It’s like Germany with beer, USA with big burgers and Norway with high price tags. We couldn’t go to Australia without paying a visit to an animal park, for some close encounters with these magnificent animals that exist in this part of the world only. The Billabong sanctuary is a famous wildlife park in Townsville that has received... Read More

Aussie Experience nr. 2 – Surfing in Noosa

It’s a real cliche, but driving up the coast in a campervan, and stopping to surf has always been a lifelong dream of mine. In our simple minds we had envisioned the eastern coast of Australia to be one long stretch of surfing goodness, but that was quickly squashed by the realization that the Great Barrier Reef is basically the longest wave block in the world.. This changed our plans a bit as surfing was supposed to be a big part of the trip,... Read More