The last stop on our trip – Rio de Janeiro!

It was time for our last few days on this 175 days long adventure and we were definitely ready to spend the last days on our trip soaking in the sun on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro! The coastal city did not disappoint and we had a fantastic finish to 175 days of traveling around the globe. We ended up at the Crab House hostel close to Ipanema Beach and woke up the next morning with blue skies and the tanning oil ready to be applied. Although the... Read More

In Indaiatuba with Paola

I studied together with Paola at the Technical University in Munich and as she was Brazilian she quickly invited Eli and me to come visit her! As Paola was one of the people that I got to know the best in Germany I was really looking forward to getting to see her again. It was time to stay in a proper house with homemade food again! Woho! I first of all have to apologize for how much time it took me to finally sit down and finish this post. I have... Read More