Diving in Costa Rica – El Coco – with videos!

If you want to dive in Costa Rica then head to El Coco, if you don’t then don’t even bother heading there. The town of El Coco is nothing to brag about, the beach is not really pretty at all and the surrounding nature seems pretty dead.. On the other hand the life we discovered underwater was simply staggering and it’s definently worth going to El Coco just to have a look at the aquatic life wether you’re a diver or just a... Read More

Aussie Experience number 4 – The Great Barrier Reef

As Erlend and Solvår were leaving and Karl Kristian was getting low on cash it was only Veronica, Eli and me that booked the divingtrip from Port Douglas to the Great Barrier Reef. The trips are EXPENSIVE, but they were also very good and we got to dive one of the most famous dive sites in the world, the Great Barrier Reef! We booked through an agency in Cairns and ended up paying 230 AUD for the entire trip. This included diving, equipment and food... Read More

Thailand and Koh Tao, a little peace of heaven..

Alright, so we arrived in Thailand in the morning on february 18th, with a big smile on our faces even though we’re tired after a long trip with barely any sleep at all. We jumped straigh on the train to Chumpon, and stayed there one night before we headed for Koh Tao,”The Turtle Island”, with a ferry the morning after. It’s a small island with a population of only 1400, and it’s called The Turtle Island because there... Read More