Namaste India!

This is not going to be an ordinary post, more of collection of thoughts and rambles on India, and what we are left with after three weeks of adventure. To quote our waiter in Chit Chat restaurant in Jaipur, who managed to merge jamaican and indian culture in a way I will probably never see again, “No woman no cry, no chapati no chai!”. Chapati is one of the delicious breadtypes that indians have with pretty much every meal. Chai became... Read More

Delhi belly in Jaipur

We arrived in Jaipur late at night after spending six hours on a overloaded bus. Veronica spent the two first hours on the bus sitting in the back seat with five sleeping indians next to her. She didnt seem pleased with the situation as we could hear her swearing in norwegian behind us.A bit later I tried to get her attention to tell her we could switch seats, but then she had turned her mp3- player on the highest volum and covered her head with the... Read More

Five minutes of fame and chaotic Delhi

We had heard that in parts of India tourists aren’t that common and therefore the subject of great attention and straight out googling. So far the only experience we had with that was in Mumbai, where a few people wanted to take pictures with us. As New Delhi is the capitol of India, we figured that tourists would be a common sight and that we would’t cause too much disturbance. Boy were we wrong… Read More  Read More