Aussie Experience nr. 6- Australian Footy!

Last time my family and I visited Australia, footie season hadn’t started yet, and we missed out on something truly Australian. This time one the other hand the season had already started and we were about to see how intergrated a part of the Australian way of life footie really is. Since I’m not 100% sure about the terminology I will refer to normal European football as simply football and Australian footbal as Aussie rules or just footie... Read More

Aussie Experience number 5 – Melbourne and Lorne

When we came back from the dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef Erlend and Solvår had already left for Sydney where they were spending their last days in Australia. Karl Kristian, Eli, Veronica and me were heading to Melbourne where the Keely family was awaiting us. It was time for some home cooked food and genuine Australian hospitality! Group picture of us at the pier in Lorne Read More  Read More