Puno to Cusco – Busride from Hell

Imagine the worst and most uncomfortable busride you can think of, then add a bus breakdown, a strike that blocked the roads and sub-zero temperature without a working heater. Welcome to the Puno to Cusco busride that we had the pleasure of enjoying due to the extensive strikes that were happening all over Peru at the time of our visit. I really feel for the strikers and I empathise with their cause, but there was just no need for the cold and the... Read More

Islands of Lake Titicaca part 1 – Puno and The floating island of Uros

As the first rays of sun hit Lake Titicaca outside my bus window, I was woken up by the fact that my entire left side of my lower body was completely numb. Falling asleep sideways on a hard bus seat is not recommended! It was time to wake up though as we were heading into Puno, a medium sized city located at over 3800 m.a.s.l right on the shore of the Lake Titicaca. The reason why we went to Puno was to get aquinted with the main tourist attraction... Read More