Chilling it out in Dominical

By now we had traversed most of the western part of Costa Rica in a hurricane pace. Instead of spending the night in Puerto Jimenez after the Corcovado trek we decided to drive up to Dominical so that we would have the pleasure of waking up on the beach instead of a former mining town. It was an excellent idea except for the fact that I managed to read the map wrong and it took us an additional two hours to get there… After a whole day of trekking... Read More

Getting it on with the hippies in Montezuma

Montezuma is located on the southern part of the Peninsula de Nicoya in Costa Rica. We had heard a lot of good stuff about this place, and since it was on the way to the surfers paradise of Mal Pais and Santa Teresa it was a certain stop on our roadtrip. The drive from Tamarindo to Montezuma is long, but doable. The roads are for the most part good, except for the last stretch to Montezuma which consists of the general outside the highway Costa Rican... Read More

From Monteverde to Arenal – Animal spotting

The great thing about Costa Rica is that the animals are everywhere. We realized this for the first time while driving through torrential rain on the way to Arenal. Felix started blurting out something about a “Slah” and getting less and less understandable. It turned out that he was trying to say Sloth, as there was a big sloth hanging from the power cables over the road! Now that doesn’t happen everyday 🙂 Read More  Read More

3 weeks in Costa Rica with Gil and Felix – San Jose and renting a 4WD

After finishing up with LA it was time to head south to the tropical, wild and adventure filled country of Costa Rica. It’s been described as one of the countries with the highest density of animals in the world and is any nature lovers paradise. As I had been trying to persuade Gil to come join me on this trip for a long time I was exhilarated when he actually booked the ticket and decided to come join us in Costa Rica! As me and GIl travelled... Read More

Aussie Experience nr. 2 – Surfing in Noosa

It’s a real cliche, but driving up the coast in a campervan, and stopping to surf has always been a lifelong dream of mine. In our simple minds we had envisioned the eastern coast of Australia to be one long stretch of surfing goodness, but that was quickly squashed by the realization that the Great Barrier Reef is basically the longest wave block in the world.. This changed our plans a bit as surfing was supposed to be a big part of the trip,... Read More