Bye bye Incas, hello big red steaks!

Im not going to lie to you, Argentinas legendary beef has occupied my dreams for a long time now. The thought of the most tender meat on this side of the Milky Way after months of rice and beans was enough to keep me up at night. It was time to endulge ourself in a meat feast that I’ve not seen the likes of! Welcome to Buenos Aires baby! One of the many steaks we were to enjoy at Desnivel Read More  Read More

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

One of the books that got me interested in more adventurous travelling had a section on Kilimanjaro that inspired me to climb it in January 2008. The book also had a section on the Inca Trail, and from then on it was a must do on our 6 month around the world trip. We booked our trip with Peru Treks far in advance to be sure that we would get a date that fitted with out travel plans. We chose Peru Treks because they are famous for treating their porters... Read More

Lima – The first taste of Peru

After finishing up a kick ass roadtrip in Costa Rica it was time to say goodbye to Gil and Felix, and get on the plane to Lima, Peru. Often described as the armpit of the world, Lima definently needs some work on the public relations front. As Eli’s sister lives in Lima with her boyfriend David we had two excellent guides to help us get the best of this enormous city. It was time to check out if Lima deserved better than the transit hub it’s... Read More