5 things to do while in Buenos Aires

You might have noticed that I have developed a special fondness for Buenos Aires. This is no understatement as this city seriously rocks! Take a look at my top five things to do while in Buenos Aires below: 1.Visiting La Recoleta Cemetary La Recoleta cemetary is the famous cemetary in the exclusive area of Recoleta. It is a ghostly place with the graveyards being extremely ornamental and decorative compared to graveyards in Norway. Each grave is more... Read More

Eating out in Buenos Aires

Eating out in Buenos Aires is a chapter for itself. Often referred to as the carnivore capital of the world Buenos Aires is not just a haven for meat lovers, but also a good way to sample food from all corners of Europe spiced up with an Argentinian twist. It’s no secret that most of the dining experiences Buenos Aires has to offer comes from the traditions and recipes that the immigrants brought with them. It is exactly this mix of traditional... Read More